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It's really nice to see the new daily challenges, but its sad that there are some guys who can guess every place within 3 min even in the middle of the desert.
If you win the daily challenge every day without being further than 10 meters even once, it's clear that these users are not playing fair. For example this guy Markus Hintermeister wins every time, and gets places right where there are 0 clues in the argentinean desert where it is impossible to be less than 5 meters away.
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  • They just use Google Maps to find the exact place on the road. There is also a way to get coordinates from the browser console. Also you can refresh to reset the timer. Clearly this player isn't playing the regular way and that's why I wanted to see a timer on one of those daily challenges as I was sure someone would be dumb enough to cheat without even trying to hide it.
  • Mapper - Sure, they use Google Maps to find exact place. Everybody can do it. I do. But it's impossible to find right place on desert, on forest road in Brazil or in Australian Interior within 3 minutes - in fact, it's almost impossible even in unlimited time, because there are not any special clues... 500 meters is very good result in such situation. I personally can make a bet, that - with unlimited time - I can get 5000 points in _almost_ any place, but result less than 10 meters is rather luck. Making it _every_ time in 3 minutes require some superpower - or cheating.
  • PS. In fact, I won't play "daily challenge" anymore - it does not have sense in such circumstances.
  • I won't play them as well since there is no interest. About getting close in the middle of nowhere, you can use the road labels to know where you are exactly. It's not that hard. Just count them on a straight line at a practical zoom level, then isolate which one is the closest, zoom as much as possible and guess as close as possible. All of this with Google Maps opened at the same time.

    I don't think he uses some hack, this is doable without hack.
  • Of course, it's doable. But not within 3 minutes...
  • I will not play the daily challange any more as long as the "25k cheaters" take the joy out of the game.

    I make 25k games myself every now and then with Google's help, just for the joy of accuracy. But a Challenge is something else. Markus Hintermeister will have his tricks to reach 25k in 3 minutes, but it looks like it's more statically probable that a show-off manipulates than that a geo-genius presents his performance.

  • I have just found, how to get precise position from page source, just in browser. I can write silly script extracting it just after level start - but game is something else then cheating...

    To staff - I suggest to modify code somehow to hide coordinates. I realise, than keeping server-side would be very resource-consuming. If it's not possible, maybe something another  - publish not only score, but also time needed and "distance travelled" during search? Someone with 0 travel, hitting target within few meters, surely would be cheater. And, of course, person like this definitely should got ban...
  • @Marekwlodarz, I fully agree with you. Distance travelled would be one good measure to expose cheaters.

    And "..definitely should got ban."
  • The ball is on the stuff side... I can only say, that:
    1. I know how to cheat, but I will not use it, because I'm not here for cheating.
    2. If I found any other cheater, I will expose him/her - here. Current "leader" of daily challenge is a cheater.
    Marek Włodarz
  • That's why I made this post...

    It has been a few days now, but he still can cheat his way to victory.
    I was searching for a way to report him, but i can't seem to find a place where I can.

    This should be something very basic that you can report cheaters in order to get them banned, otherwise this will keep on happening, and there is no point in playing the daily challenge
  • So I tried the way I think he plays (looking at locations by playing the game with a throw account) and it's very easy to get very close. And since I was close enough every round to get the first place in front of him, I also decided to rename the account to give him a message... But do not take this too seriously, it's only a game :p
  • Would be nice if there could be a solution to that problem.
  • I know, but if there would be a posibility in banning these people that would be a very nice solution/message to other players who want to play unfairly 😀

    Because now other players will think that if he can play unfairly they can too, and the problem could get bigger and bigger
  • @Mapper - As I said earlier, it is possible to extract coordinates from page source. But it is not necessery. Someone can have second account, play daily challenge, just shooting anything, to get exact places in the end, and then "play" again, on "winning" account, already knowing exact places. Three minutes is enough. And of course, it will work only for "daily challenge" - it would be much more difficult in "normal" challenges (but possible, if fake account would be friend to "winning") And to win, he must do it just after midnight, when new challenge is available.

    But it is still cheating.

    @RadoX1988 - I can't imagine way to detect (and remove) cheater like this. Anybody can have as many email addresses, as he wish, and detecting IP address won't work, because many people can use the same IP (NAT). OK, using cookies may detect same machine/browser combination, but it still will be possible, using another computer (or another account on same computer, or just another browser).

    My "solution" is not to play daily challenge. Of course, sometimes I "come in", hitting challenge shown on my list, but when I realise, that it is it, I just make it quick, without special tries to find proper place. It is no problem, that I will have smaller score. I play for fun, not for scores.

    And real fun is something like today, when I have found place in Labrador fjords - only because I have been in this area earlier and I could recognize it... (only 4 km from exact place, I think it was very, very good...).
  • Well, @Mapper, if that account that won yesterday is yours, you should know you are a hero :p

  • First of rules should be declared by the devs. Maybe offer the daily challenge with 2 different rulesets:
    1. Play the game however you like
    2. No Googling or using other resources. Moving allowed. Only use the window given by Geoguessr.

    @Marekwlodarz I actually didn't say ban in my message 😀 But after thinking about it it might not be the worst thing to disincentivize cheating. Creating a new account also means you need to pay the pro account keep that in mind.
  • It seems that our "100% winner" resigned, at least for today. And it is good!
  • I am glad to see this discussion, bc it has really been bugging me to see these cheaters.  Luckily it isnt for $$ or anything....still, why bother cheating?  I will still play for the fun of it for myself.  I guess we will jever really know, though, who the truly best genuine players are!! 😪
  • I was thinking about this, too, but as Marekwlodarz points out, it's impossible to police against it.

    I've been playing with internet research because nobody told me not to, but even that way, it's very difficult to get 25,000. I haven't done it yet, although I imagine it's possible with good seeds.

    Someone who regularly gets 25,000 is definitely using that "GeoGuessr cheater" extension, multiple accounts, or the tab refresh exploit. Especially when the challenge includes a rural "potato cam" placement, as a recent one did.
  • As I said in a related thread:  instead of listing the scores from the highest to lowest, instead report either the average or the median score at the time a player completes the game.  Myself, I just ignore the meaningless 25000 scores at the top of the list and scroll down to number 30, 40 or 50.  I enjoy playing the daily challenge because I can often beat number 50's score (out of 2800 total scores) without using google maps or other cheats.  

  • This sounds legit.

    At first I thought the traveled distance might be a good parameter but if you are familiar with the location you don't have to click endless roadpoints.

    Today I get the most fun out of the game if my gut feeling that lead to the guess was close enough or exact for ME.

  • Wow, what just happened?  High score for the April 10 game is 23010 with something like 2700 players so far.  As long as I can remember, there have been many scores of 25000 or close to it.
  • Devs should do something woth daily challenge cheaters. T.Burbank. Djaboi, HP and many other cheaters (they definitely are) make 25k every day. There's no interest in the main idea of Daily Challenge - to compete with other players. Every time you are trying to reach 25k there are dozens of players who get 2meters score in the middle of nowhere without any clues. In my opinion, devs should add smth like "report button" or somehow deprive cheaters abilty to cheat. For instance, You still can open Google maps with exact location during the game. Maybe, moving distance and time of completing a round should be tracked down to find out who's cheating. I hope, devs will do something with this huge problem and will let other players to compete dairly.
  • I absolutely agree with you.
    Cheaters spoil the fun for others and cause server costs although they don't contribute to the community feeling.
    Even if some world-famous locations are quick to mark the location, an honest search will take a few minutes. So we should think about how to spoil the fun for the cheaters. Maybe a minimal time distance to the beginning of the next round would be helpful.

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    Maria del Carmen
  • As an American, I have no problem paying $3/mo for this game, but I sympathize with the educators and with those from poor countries.
    My main gripe has to do with the players who get the GPS coordinates from google maps and nail the location within yards in a minute or two. As there is no rule against it, I suppose it's not cheating per se, but it totally devalues the game as a competitive geographic knowledge game. Anyone can use that tool to find the GPS, but not everyone can make a fairly accurate guess of a given location based on their knowledge of terrain, climate, vegetation, geology, language, etc. Competitors ought to swear an oath that they will not use this slight of hand method to win the most points.
    I can score over twenty thousand points without cheating anytime. Can they?

    (I just realized that I originally posted this in the wrong section, and now I see that many other players are on to this issue.. Hopefully the administrators will do something about the problem. In the meantime, I don't plan on playing the Challenge game, it's meaningless).

    Robert Lauriault
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    Robert Lauriault
  • It's a shame that there are many cheaters doing the dayly challenge.
    Jos Smets
  • Bro maybe he is just built different 😀

  • Broooo look at him 


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