Guesses not registering in time

I am so sick and tired of guesses not being registered in time. I just lost the umpteenth round where I guessed more than 5 seconds before the clock had run down and got kicked out because "I didn't guess". I did not pay for this game to lose a ton of rating because of the game. Why is this happening and what are you going to do about it?

Thank you and regards.
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  • Hard to say what the rootcause is since its not been reported by more users. So I would assume its a local issue with either the device or the network.

    Have you tried some troubleshooting and see if its working better on another device, browser or network?
  • I just played 4 games. finished 8th in all of them because I "didn't guess". Either the photo stays blurry or the map loads ridiculously slow or not at all,... I used to finish 2nd or 3rd on average in any round I played. Now my stats are absolute garbage. Since the site makeover, it's been an absolute shit show. I have no idea what's going on but since a few weeks I have not been able to properly play the game I used lo love so much before. Using another browser doesn't help. Can't test on another network.
    Dimitri De Breucker
  • Again, hard to investigate further without any links to the games. If its the same on another device or network. But I would assume its a local issue with network or similar. Have you tried disabling hardware acceleration in the browser?

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