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Would it be possible to remove the need to click the "guess" button after placing your marker? In other words, if you've placed a marker and the time runs out, rather than getting a "you didn't make a guess" message, could it simply act as if we had clicked the guess button as time expired? This seems like a minor QOL change that could get rid of a lot of frustrating moments where I click on the guess button but it seems like it's too late.

Thank you!



  • Hi Eli,

    Thanks for the suggestion! I understand what you mean. I will send it on to the gang, and see if its something we can add along the way.

  • Thanks Filip! Absolutely adore your game. Thanks for all the work you and the team do to make such a fantastic experience for us!
  • This is already in the game for years. I always put a guess on the map and almost never click the guess button and it works perfectly.
  • Perhaps that's true in some specific modes but I have run out of time and gotten a message saying "oops, you didn't submit a guess!" multiple times in BR because I put down a pin but didn't click "guess". Pretty sure it's happened in single player timed games as well but I'd have to double check.
  • Yeah to an extent Mapper is correct, if you’re playing regular GeoGuessr on a time limit if you place the marker before time runs out it will log the guess for you, but based on my experience it doesn’t do that for Distance Battle on BR
  • Well distance BR is different and you must click the guess button so the game can have a way to calculate distances before the end of the timer. If you don't guess then you're out and that's perfectly normal. That's how it is supposed to be so the game design is not broken. Otherwise players will simply never guess and wait until the timer runs out so nobody else can use the guess to try making a better one.
  • Players can already "simply never guess" and wait until the moment before the timer runs out to lock in their guess. Some players (especially more experienced players) already use this strategy when they know exactly where the location is and have no incentive to give it away. Most players don't use this strategy because they want to use the clue of their distance relative to other players. Not everyone plays the same way or uses the same clues and that's okay. I don't think adding this feature would cause people to never put down guesses. People put down guesses for their own benefit. As long as they have doubts about the location, they will continue to guess to try to get closer. That said, I would certainly change my mind if there was evidence to the contrary.

    Unfortunately, some people are also limited by things like internet connection, screen size, accessibility differences, peripherals and accessories, etc... If a player has put down a marker, they've expressed an intent to guess that location. It's convenient that Geoguessr allows us to move our guess around but I'm not sure how the game benefits by eliminating players who were making a good faith effort to play the round, expressed an intent to guess, but were stymied by clicking the extra "guess" button for a variety of reasons. I think it mostly has the effect of giving an advantage to desktop PC players with expensive gaming PCs and <2ms input response mice over people playing on cheaper laptops with trackpads or on mobile. Navigating to make that extra click is often the difference between submitting a guess or not and it seems like erring on the side of inclusivity is preferable.
  • I recently joined again after being away for some years. I was playing with my friend and we usually do I set an initial guess and then try to finetune the position (common strategy I assume). In the past, when the time limit ran out, the initial guess would remain your final guess. Now, it is not registered anymore. We noted this during a live challenge game among the 2 of us. Very annoying...
  • Yeah, seems that recently this feature has disappeared again for live challenges - hopefully it will be reinstated soon?

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