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Guess Button Functionality Differs By Game Mode

I was wondering if there was a reason why in duels the game manages to take my marker as my guess when time runs out even if I don't press the guess button, but in battle royale modes it does not? Is it to do with the multiple guesses (aka a player who made it through wouldn't want to be charged a guess in BR distance because they have placed a backup marker in case they need a last second guess)?

I don't know if there is an obvious solution but it sure is deflating losing having the marker correctly placed but not managing to get a final click of the guess button in (especially when I have gotten used to the timing in duels where that final motion and click is not necessary)



  • Technically it has to do with multiple guesses. For instance in Distance it would be strange if one can just mark the map, and then head on to the top when the time runs out. Which will make the round pretty useless for the other players.

    But we have a card in the backlog I believe to look into it further with if it should trigger at the end or not in certain modes.
  • That makes perfect sense, thanks! So many intricacies and meta unique to each game mode that I've yet to fully uncover

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