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Groundrules for public challenges

I noticed a post in which a user asked whether it was cheating to use Google search to pinpoint locations, and the response was that it's simply up to each user to decide that.

Now, this would make sense when one is playing against one's friend; you can agree about what rules to follow, and you can trust your friend to follow those rules, obviously (When I play against my brother, for example, we agree that using Google goes against the spirit of the game, and we trust each other to follow this.)

However, the play-by-your-own-rules approach does not make any sense when one is playing against strangers in public challenges, like on the daily challenge. If some players are going to Google to find things, they will be able to rack up perfect or near-perfect scores quite easily. Meanwhile, those of us who prefer to use only our own smarts will rarely be able to match the overall accuracy of those who lean on web search.

As a result, participation in these challenges seem like entering a rigged game. I would like to hear what others think, especially those who agree that Google defeats the purpose. And from the developers, too.

Thank you.



  • Daily challenge is just who's the best at cheating. Even on impossible locations (photospheres etc) people will get the coordinates in the source code and get the correct place on Google Maps to be very accurate. Not worth playing it.
  • Thank you, Mapper.

    Is it different in other places? In a "pro" league game, are ground rules agreed on by the members?

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