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Gross error locations

How would it be if I gave you the game suffix where a gross location error occurs, and after appraising the result you remove the offending item, emailing me the Mapillary reference directly. [If not possible, then put them in this thread] I can then use Mapillary's own reporting system to get the error corrected, where I know the correct coordinates. This would benefit those who use the free game, but are continually being frustrated by bogus results. It gets things done by a direct route, instead of introducing more links in the chain by going through Mapillary customer service, and their devs. I reported some faulty ones to them six months ago, yet they are still being used.
Of course, this thread would be open to any player to add their previously non-reported error.
[Yes Mapper, I know it is Mapillary's problem, but this way gets it removed from GeoGuessr immediately as well, if the removal is approved, the majority of errors are from phone uploaders, so possibly not a StreetView problem]
One such game is uPz57FGw32SoLYQA, which shows a lone ATM in its shelter, uploader janvanbekkum, and no - it is not in the South Atlantic. this is one I have the correct location of, so there is no excuse for non-correction
It has just turned up again in Xy9gzKUO400zDYcu round 4, so needs removal.
A second game is c33QRfTYp1243Mxm, showing three walkers by a street cabinet, uploader dzsombor96, no movement is possible, even though direction arrows are given. This one goes to an remote unpopulated area in Russia, and needs removal.
And here's another one turned up - VVQ2Xj8vqU6F0g5Z uploader wsp_us, on Xi'an city wall, where the recent change to Google Maps introduced a 500 yard positional error, and which needs the false coordinates to be corrected. Pic of result attached.
Coming thick and fast now, FE1JcnAfp4Y7MfGK round 2, roadgeek-md99, [Maryland, US] goes to a bogus location off the Australian coast - why are so many in the ocean? but I do have this one's correct location for Mapillary.
Why me? Because I'm prepared to do it, and not sit about saying it's someone else's problem. Let's fix this.


  • 24 March
    Here's another, 1lo0GK4722Dq9iIs in Mexico City, uploader mapeaton, which places the result 2 km distant from the real location. That's another 5 points loss. The real viewpoint is known, and once again the coordinates need correcting.
    25 March
    Similar to previous Xi'an City wall, having the same 500 yard positional error introduced with the change to Google maps, is znHO8up41b21KPKH uploader wsp_us. [West Gate error2] These two were correct with the original maps, give or take a few yards, the correct coordinates for both are known and need correcting.
    26 March
    USA - Detroit, one of at least seven locations in this city, this one on MWHAhH9gz4b5QP1S - van with V shaped device at rear, uploader codgis. All go to position off King Island in Bering Strait and all need removal or correction. Reported to Mapillary October 2019 with correct location, but still turning up. Hence removal request.
    BRAZIL – São Paulo, has this one, bpu9XMosJHJ6YOic uploader ccassio, should be Trianon Park, but the result given is 3 miles away within the Airport boundary [another 15 point loss]. Mapillary informed last year, with correct location, but still occurring. Only change is that the ability to walk around the park paths is not now an option. Needs removal.
    Reporting these to Mapillary has had little effect, well none actually, after 5 months they are still in use, so need to be culled here.
  • 27 March
    Flooded shopping precinct, VFSWndcqppIK5VVD uploader tgertin, goes to Sth of Anzhu Islands in E Siberian Sea !
    Another one reported to Mapillary last year with no action on their part. Remove please.
    28 March
    This is a collection of over 50 unconnected worldwide holiday pics, various uploaders, which may start the sequence with any one, so hard to pin down for removal. Always gives a result of approximately 82° N, 82° E, [in the ocean again] was found in DrxAj0p8gi6mMFaF among many other games, and Yes, Mapillary were informed last year, with the usual inaction.
    That's enough to be going on with. As you see, reporting to Mapillary does absolutely nothing
  • Detroit Map error in KzWAsKmyK9TAw9Er.  Three images attached.  Detroit 1 is where it says the location is in the Bering Sea... Detroit 2 is closer to real location.  Detroit 3 is the actual location in the cemetery.

    Jeff Love
  • As I said in March, there are at least seven of these Detroit locations, all uploaded by codgis, which produce this bogus result. You must be playing the Mapillary free game, which out of about 560 locations has at least 40 giving bogus locations, sometimes on a bad day they would throw three at me in one game. Knowing what the bogus locations would be, meant not losing too many points, harder now the guessing map has been changed.  I have given a full list to Mapillary in April, and GeoGuessr along with the correct locations, but obviously so far no-one has blinked
  • Thanks!  I didn't see that particular map code but may have missed it. Unfortunate issue when all we want to do is have fun.  This kind of kills the buzz.
    Jeff Love

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