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Great vicarious travel game

Couple of issues I've had recently: 1. A blank screen sometimes shows up in a new round. Controls are there and if I rotate the compass shows rotation, but there is no picture. It thinks I'm somewhere, as when I take a random guess it then tells me how far I was from this blank picture. 2. If I enlarge the inset map one too many times the arrow to make it small again disappears and I'm stuck with a too large inset.

Last week I had issues with the motion arrows. Normally they turn blue on a hover, but this was not happening, and thy didn't function correctly. That seems to be fixed.

Thanks for a fun game.

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  • Hi Paulus,

    Sorry about that, we've had some issues lately with blank screens. It's due to some changes in google street view, we're working on it and should hopefully have a solution soon!

    Thanks for playing and stay tuned for more updates!



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