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Got dropped at a house party with nowhere to go

The second "drop" was at a beachside mansion in the Caribbean, with nowhere to go. Unfair.

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  • Hey. I think the discussions about panoramas without neighbours warrants a discussion about tweaking the probability of players ending up on one. Perhaps they occur too often?

  • They used to happen a lot more often than they do now but they are annoying when they happen.

    This latest one was the first for me in probably 200-300 locations.

    Von from Canada
  • Hi again. Maybe they should be optional, or perhaps there should be dedicated game types with nothing but them. I'll bring it up for discussion on our next feature meeting.

    Thanks for helping us improve the game.

  • What's with these locations with no arrows, no place to go, could be anywhere in the world but no chance to find out because we can't go down the road apiece looking for a sign or landmark or SOMETHING. This has happened now two games in a row - this last one I had a perfect score until...what? A narrow mountain road somewhere...stuck. The thing is, this game can take a lot of time - fun, yes, but when it ends this way it's not only a waste of time but utterly unfair. This was happening some time ago, which made me quit playing, but I picked it up after several months to see how it went. I see some improvements, like not being penalized for being several yards off, but still this inability to move is a killer. The one that made me quit playing the last time put me in the middle of a forest, wet, snowy, in the bottom of a ravine, couldn't even see the sky...and no way to get out of there. Bummer.

  • Any guesses? Anybody? No arrows - that would be cheating.

    Well, I tried to upload a screen shot of 291KB: "The file could not be uploaded, please try again." That was my 5th try, a smaller jpg each time.

    I'm looking at a dirty, snowy parking lot in front of two miserable 5-story apartment buildings under a dismal gray sky. That's it. Third consecutive game this kind of thing has happened. So what's the point? That's on top of two mistakes in GeoGuessr's pinpoint of where the start location is - not big mistakes, a couple hundred yards, but definite mistakes. Pointless.

  • Oh, this was a great one - on top of a totally snowy mountain peak, with some circular stone edifice, iron fence, with brightly colored murals on the walls, overlooking a spectacular gorge. I can't move! Somebody helicopter in and pick me up! There goes my perfect score.

  • New game (why am I doing this?): 2nd challenge, in the middle of a sand-duney desert, and no way to go anywhere, just turn in circles. I see the footprints that got me here, and a small white shelter of some kind in the distance. No camels, but there is what looks like a white Landcruiser. Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

    Thought I'd let you know - this has become the rule, not the exception. Unless you really expect us to guess which of the world's many vast deserts we're in, and where in that particular limitless expanse of sand. Because really - that's not much of a game.

  • Hey William. There have been lots of feedback on this. We're currently looking into the ratio of pure photospheres (the ones without any walking around). What do you think? Should they be optional? Removed all together or just more rare?

    Thanks for helping us making GeoGuessr a better game.

  • My goal in playing the game is to score as high as I can - it's a challenge, it's detective work, I like it, I've gotten as much as 24,997 points - no, really! -- all 5000s except for one 4997, and I've come close to that many times (luckily I've avoided Russia so far in this beta version, it was too common in the old version...).

    But I need clues. In general, one generic place in the world looks more or less like any other generic place in the world - deserts look the same, mountains look the same, forests, roads, parks, whatever - one empty highway in the middle of a barren desert looks like every empty highway in the middle of a barren desert. That snowy mountain peak and that dune-filled desert could have been anywhere. In one of the games I was on a mountain ridge, an arid place with a green irrigated farming valley below. Well, sure looked like California to me, or Arizona, or Idaho. It was Morocco. There was no way at all for me to know.

    See? And there went 5,000 points from the first challenge. I'd always thought those photospheres as you call them were glitches. I never dreamed they were purposeful. For me they destroy the whole point of the game. If some people like them, then they should be optional. When I run into one, I curse and quit the game because it's no longer fun. It's just a nice (sometimes) picture - and I can get those anytime I want on the web or in a book.

    But give me an isolated road I can meander down, looking at the scenery, the houses, the cars, how people are dressed, how shabby or meticulously maintained the environs are (I'm astonished at how dismal American roads and towns look compared to Europe's or even Brazil's), which side of the road people are driving on, the languages on the road signs (I have actually learned some Cyrillic simply by switching to a Russian keyboard, after first looking up the alphabet, then finding the keys, then doing a translation).

    I like to compare what I'm seeing on my cruise down the roads with what I can find on Google Maps (Hmmm, that house has a red roof and a stone wall, and there's a red roof on Google Maps, is it the same red-roofed house? Is that a stone wall? Why can't this picture be higher resolution? Oops! There are 3,000 red-roofed houses and stone walls all over the place. Well, back to the drawing board...OK, that red-roofed house is right where the road goes from north-northwest to west-northwest, now am I coming from the east or the west?...). I loved it yesterday when I found myself in the middle of the worst desert I've ever seen (it could have been Death Valley), but cruising down the road I found one battered sign with one name on it, in Spanish, and down a driveway, in the distance, a small stand of trees. I searched the name, and found it - then gradually moved up and down the highway, zooming in and out, until I found the only frickin' trees in the whole frickin' desert. Nice feeling - a revealing little adventure without actually having to endure the Atacama. Now I can say, "been there, done that as much as I want to."

    That's what I'm after. I decidedly do NOT want to be stuck in one place that could be any similar place in the entire 148,000,000 square kilometers of land on this planet, with no way to find out. Thank god you're not doing the oceans too!

    Sorry about the length of this response - I guess it's a measure of how much I like what you've done, and for no apparent reason except just for fun. And for that I thank you (and my wife rues the day she turned me onto GeoGuessr - but then she's into Sudoku, and even worse, the World Cup).

  • Woo-hooo! I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who has been dropped next to a cathedral or mosque or on some nameless island that has about 20-30 clicks and then...I'm screwed!

    I must say, though, that since the upgrade (?) I haven't run into one of these "disconnected" places on street view.

    One thing I would like to see is a set of crosshairs on the center of the guess map, so we could more accurately zoom in on a city/highway/intersection without constantly having to zoom-drag-zoom-drag.

    I've only been playing on the newer version of this for a few weeks - kudos to your team on building a truly addictive online puzzle.

  • I'm not a huge fan of the "photospheres" I've encountered thus far, however, they could be improved by choosing pictures that have definite location hints such as specific cultural markers or flora and fauna native to that spot only so we can research what we see before we guess the location. In addition, perhaps they can be for bonus points so players concerned with perfect scores won't have to risk their score.
    I love this game except when I find myself dropped onto a road in the middle of nowhere and I have to click and click and click and click and click again (etc.) just to find some sign of where I am. There was one in Texas that I recall that went on forever. Finally I saw a small natural gas well off a dirt road and was able to somewhat pinpoint the region. I didn't care to discover more info to where I was because it would have been an exercise in boredom. Blech!

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for playing and providing us with feedback, it really helps us to improve the game!

    There's another discussion going on regarding the photo spheres ( some seem to like them and some not. We're a bit torn ourselves. It's something that we'll keep discussing to make it a better game.

    Kathryn, if you get too sick of locations in the middle of nowhere try some of our city games (found under 'more games' on the start page) is there an area/city you would like to see added?

    Thanks again guys!



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