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Google sphere

WHY are these a thing in the game? Like I get some places you can't get the cars and what not but it is impossible to guess where you are by just being ploped in one place unable to move. How is that any fun? I'm sitting in one game and while it IS pretty all I can see is a secluded place in the woods and the inside of a old chapel, there is NO way to guess where the hell it is, it's like... why give it a point system then if it's going to make many of these impossible? The middle of nowhere for hundreds of miles is bad enough.
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  • SERIOUSLY?! I JUST ENdED UP INSIDE A BUILDING!! WITH NO OUT! HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO GUESS WHERE THE HELL THIS PLACE IS? You can't play a POINTS game if you can't GET THE POINTS. It's like having a shooting game and you get points for hitting targets but the targets are outside and you are in a room with no windows.
  • This is an issue addressed since years but since there is nothing done about this yet I suggest you to play custom maps instead. My own maps are (as much as I can do) without any of those photospheres or low quality pictures. This one is a world map without photospheres and with a better diversity: (it can still give remote places that can be hard or impossible to get 5000, but those are quite rare).

    It's sad they don't do anything as it is possible to detect those photospheres with the API.

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