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Google login fails with "Something went wrong." after removing Geoguessr access in the past

I think I logged into my Geoguessr account using Google many moons ago.

I subsequently didn't use Geoguessr for a while, and removed its access to my Google account at

When I tried to log in using my Google Account again, the usual Google popup appeared, asking me which Google Account to log in with. But then, when I select my Google account, the pop up disappears and the Geoguessr login UI shows a "Something went wrong." error.

If I then try the "Login with Google" button again, the message changes into "In order to sign in using Google you must allow GeoGuessr to access your email address.".

It seems to me that there's probably some old state or authentication token stored on Geoguessr's side that's preventing me from logging in again.
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