Glitches galore

Has anyone else been having ALOT of glitches recently ???

last 2 weeks or so I’ve been bombarded with various errors which are very frustrating whilst playing mainly in Battle Royale countries mode, I’ve experienced the following multiple times.

- a lot of lagging on loading when in the very final round causing constant loses (WiFi not an issue as full bars always)
- new map not loading on new round and leaving you left on the previous country but other players seem unaffected
- game registering country guess as incorrect when actually correct (example: I was on final round and dropped somewhere very arid and mountainous landscape which was clearly South America on the west coast….. I guessed Chile before the yellow bar ran out which came back as incorrect….. I then guessed Peru which also came back as incorrect and as I had a 50/50 power up left I selected it and it gave me the option of Chile or Bolivia and seeing as I guessed Chile first to which it told me was incorrect I selected Bolivia thinking I had it in the bag…… WRONG. correct answer was Chile….. even tho that was my very first guess and was apparently incorrect).

These problems are more and more common and as I am playing on the GeoGuessr app via my iPad you physically cannot report a problem as the “Report problem“ link is soooooo close to the button that brings the map up that you cannot press it without the map popping up Instead. Impossible to report issues due to flawed design.

I know if an admin responds at all they will probably respond to this saying “any issues email us” but the issue is clearly written above… I ain’t saying it twice, plus on the app you can’t copy the URL.
Paid for a year in advance, Will only get 2-3 months out of it as it’s too frustrating that it’s happening every day. Disappointing & won’t be renewing.



  • Oh and to add to the message above.

    if I join a game in the 10th position the game won’t load at all.  if I join in positions 1-9 no problem but if I’m the last person in then the game crashes.   What the hells that about ?
  • Thanks for the detailed report!
    Sorry you have experienced these issues. We have not seen any reports in errors related to this so its hard to say where the problem lies.

    If it is solely on the App in order for us to look into this further we would need the following:
    - Device and iOS version

    The account itself I assume is related to this email.

  • I keep getting answer right in round but it don’t let me play the round after even after telling me the guess was correct don’t know if this just an iPhone problem but not happy I can’t ever play 2nd or 3rd round of games

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