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GLITCH - can't move

Playing GeoGuessr on a Mac, with Chrome.  

In the last week I've started experiencing a glitch where I'm placed on a map, I click a few times in any direction, and then the movement arrows suddenly disappear and I'm stuck in place -- I can spin around and zoom in, but that's it.  Sometimes refreshing the page helps, sometimes it does not.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!
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  • I was just about to post what sounds like the same issue as Wuntch describes above--add me to the list of affected users.  Here's what I had written (apologies for its length; I tend to be verbose in front of a keyboard...):

    What's happening is that after some amount of navigating (there's no rhyme or reason to how long--sometimes it's after miles of virtual travel, other times after only a few feet), the Google navigation controls disappear from the screen.  I'm unable to click in the image to navigate forward down the road, the on-screen arrows no longer appear, and the keyboard up/down keys no longer move me.  I can use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the view, but I'm completely stuck in the current location.

    When this happens, I can use the "Return to Start" button as normal, and that usually (but not always) restores the controls.  After that, sometimes I'm only able to move a few screens before losing nav controls again, but sometimes I'm able to move for miles and miles, including back to where it froze and beyond without issue.  Other times it locks me in position immediately upon dropping me in a new location.  But it's pretty rare for a specific location to *always* lock up on me; usually when it locks, I'm able to return to the start, move back to that spot that froze, and not have any issues.

    I've gone through the forums here and looked for potential answers and I think I've tried them all.  I've tried disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome, I've tried running it in Chrome, Safari and Firefox.  I've tried a new profile in Chrome.  I've disabled all of my Chrome extensions.  I've purged all of my caches and history.  I downloaded a fresh copy of Chrome to get the latest version.  Nothing has helped at all.

    I did open the console and reload the page (suggested in another thread); the only error message I saw there was:
    util.js:210 Google Maps API warning: RetiredVersion
    iB.j @ util.js:210

    I checked my Java install, and it says it's up to date (it was on version 8 build 141; the Java site says the current is build 144, so I manually updated it but it didn't fix the issue).  I'm running a 2015 iMac (27-inch 5K late 2015 model with a 4GHz i7, 32GB RAM, AMD Radeon R9 M395 with 2GB VRAM) which is updated to Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6.  

    Any ideas?  Thanks!
  • Just came here to post about the same problem. I'm unable to move at all though - there are no arrows, so I can't progress from the first screen. I can only turn around.

    It's not a Photosphere, in case anyone's wondering - it is definitely Streetview.

    I've tried just clicking ahead somewhere on the road, and I've tried using the up and down arrows on my keyboard. Nothing.

    I've tried it with Chrome, Firefox and Explorer.

    I'm playing World, so I can't give a URL, but I'll include a couple of images.

  • I'm experiencing the same problem, it's ultra frustrating. Sometimes, after going back to start, I can get past the area where I got stuck, only to get stuck somewhere else after a while. I just came from a location in Peru where I got stuck going either direction from the start location and had to give up.
  • I think it's a Google Streetview problem, not a Geoguessr problem, because I had the same trouble with Streetview today. I was trying to find a location in Japan (on Streetview), and I was able to proceed a few miles down the road before the arrows disappeared and I'm unable to move backwards or forwards.

    I don't know if others would have the same problem with the same location, but I tried opening it in a new window and had the same issue. The URL is:,129.2204087,3a,75y,49.21h,85.64t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1spRoWn9PJx0Jgx0nug7TqOA!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656

    And here's a pic:

    Of course with Streetview you can click ahead on the map in the lower left-hand corner and move that way, but (for obvious reasons) that's not a possibility with Geoguessr.

  • I think Boo's right in that it's an issue with Google and not Geoguessr.  I've since figured out a way to force navigation to fail on my system--switching window focus away from Chrome to the Finder, then back to Chrome locks up the navigation in a different way than navigating does, but it also does it every single time.  Doing that trick on the link above causes it to fail in the same way I've been able to force in Geoguessr games.  (Naturally, when I **want** it to fail through regular navigating, I can't get it to, but still...)

    Here's hoping our friends at Geoguessr have at least a little pull with the folks in Mountain View...:-)
  • I'm having the same issue. I was hoping to have a good game as I just got my first Spot On! I went to the next map and no navigation arrows came up. I can turn around and that's it. I refreshed and clicked the start button/flag but nothing happens.

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for letting us know, we'll look into if there's anything we can do!

  • This also happens when using the GeoGuessr Apple app. It's really frustrating when you're on your fourth or fifth map and it locks up. You end up losing all the work you've done on the previous maps and have to start a new series.  ☹️
  • I know, it's so frustrating. I got a long, long dirt road in Brazil (probably) yesterday, and spent about half an hour travelling north before the arrows vanished and I couldn't go further.

    I went back to the beginning and spent about half an hour travelling south, but the same thing happened.

    I usually aim for a perfect score, so I have the option of either leaving a game unfinished or taking a guess that will almost certainly give me a very low score.

    I do think it's a Google Street View issue, so I hope they sort it out.
  • This has also been happening to me rather frequently. I have subscribed to Pro and also started doing more challenges posted in /r/geoguessr. There will be challenges where I get to the 4th or 5th round and suddenly I can't move. I just now tried Firefox thinking it might be different, but Firefox has the exact same problem.

    At first I thought maybe this was on purpose, because some of the challenges are purposely hard, but then I would later read other people's techniques for solving the rounds and they would mention clearly being able to move, but yet I couldn't. It became clear a few days ago that I was one of the only (perhaps the only) person in the subreddit that couldn't move during these challenges.

    Currently I am stuck on a road in Sochi, Russia... can't move at all. I have a backlog of unfinished games in My Current Events because I'm not willing to forfeit the points. Some games we are not allowed to move, so that's fine, but this particular challenge let's us move around and explore for clues. I can't, but other people can :/

    It seems to be a Google issue, but if so, then it should affect all people. I am starting to think it might have to do with user's individual computers as well. It might be some sort of hardware/software conflict with Google, but the actual problem is with the end-user I think. I'd be curious to try playing the game on another computer for comparison.
    Adam Krause (AGKrause)
  • Just responding to Adam's thought that it might be on the end users' machines--I tried a quick game at work on Monday and got the same glitch there.  

    At home, I'm on a Mac with 32GB RAM, a quad core 4GHz i7, input from a Wacom tablet and Logitech keyboard, DSL service from AT&T, and logged in to my GeoGuessr account.  

    At work, it's Windows 7 on a bare-bones 3.2GHz Intel Core i5 with 4GB RAM, everything locked down by IT, a standard Dell mouse and keyboard, Internet access through Charter Cable, and logged into a different GeoGuessr account.

    The only commonalities I can see between the two are the Flash version ( and Chrome (60.0.3112.101).

    Hope that helps...:-)
  • Hi guys

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for the well-written error reports! I agree that it seems likely that this problems depends on the user's device. It would be interesting to know if you could replicate this problem in Google Streetview since that would confirm that this is a Streetview issue (and can be reported to Google as such)?

  • I was never able to get the glitch to replicate in the Streetview link Boo posted above (I tried other locations as well), but I was always able to freeze either Streetview or GeoGuessr by switching to another Chrome tab or to another application.

    But...without trying to jinx things, I've played a few games this weekend and had no freezing issues at all.  In addition, the trigger I found above (switching between open tabs in Chrome or switching to another application and back to Chrome) didn't cause a freeze as it did before.  Perhaps they've (fingers crossed) already fixed it?
  • It's happened to me in regular Street View. And I've had the same problem occur on different computers.
  • I have had the problem with Streetview as well. See my comments above about the location in Japan, for example.

    I am now able to move in that Japan location. I don't know if that means they've fixed the problem, as I've had the same problem a dozen times over the past few weeks. I have four unfinished games that I'm unable to finish for that reason.

    I'm using the same device I've always used for Geoguessr (a laptop).
  • Forgot to add that, as I said above, I've tried it with Chrome, Firefox and Explorer.
  • I've just resumed an old game (the one with the camper van pictured above) and the navigation arrows are now there! Hopefully this means Street View has fixed the problem.
  • Great news! Keep us posted, hopefully it was something on their end that they've sorted out.

  • I just got plopped into a suburban landfill. :-( No roads in or out, just a narrow trail up to a dirt field surrounded by trees. No ability to move. Can only spin and zoom in. Just heaps of industrial garbage and broken glass. Pretty. Not. Frustrating. Yes. Rebooted 3 times, back to start, nothing. Grrrr. This is going to be one hell of a guess as I'd rather play than be stuck. I've seen some pretty cool things on GeoGessr. This is not one of them.
  • Laurie, that sounds like a Photoshere rather than a glitch.

    Look at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Does it have a copyright symbol followed by a name? If so, it's a Photosphere - a 360 degree image taken by a private company or an individual.

    They can be annoying (Especially if it's something ugly like a landfill), but you can often track down the location by Googling the name of the photographer.

    If you want help, upload some screenshots and I'll see if I can narrow it down for you.
  • Boo, you are dead on, and it's exactly how I conquered that round. Not sure when I noticed the name in the bottom corner, but it was probably after my 15th spin! I Google translated the @ name, and a search found a 360 photographer based in a small Russian town. With a satellite map search for potential landfill sites outside of the town, I crossed my fingers and hit the Make Guess button. I was 241 yards away and got 4999 points. Take THAT Photosphere!!  Thank you so much for the insight. :-) Really valuable information that will save the next the Photosphere victim hours of frustration!
  • Well done! I'm glad you found it. 😀
  • Great to hear, you guys are awesome :)!


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