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Given same location twice in a row... but not

So I was given a location in the middle of Russia, worked it out to within ~100m so I was happy. Then it loaded the next location but it was in the same place as the one before. I thought "wow, what a coincidence!, this'll be easy". Put my mark in the same place... but the location was actually in Australia!


  • This problem is very common.

    When it gives the same place twice, it's because the game tried to load something that was removed on Google Maps. When you see the same place again, refresh the page to see if it tries to load something else... but usually it will just be a black screen since data is removed.

    This is a problem from Google more than Geoguessr since Google likes to randomly remove bits of coverage everywhere. But it's also a problem that commonly happens with photospheres (360 pictures made by users and not Google, who publish them on Maps... and can remove them of course). I would say more than 95% of removed locations are photospheres. Since Geoguessr doesn't generate the locations on the fly but uses a large database of pre-generated locations, it can't know if a place is removed.
  • This has happened to me twice recently.  In both cases, clicking "return to start" (the flag icon) took me to the same wrong start location - I did a puzzle, tracked it down to a road in Utah, got 4900-odd points.  The second puzzle, it sat me not at the previous start location, but at the location where I had stopped exploring the first time.  I did some more exploring to confirm; return to start took me back to the place on that road in Utah where I had stopped exploring on the previous puzzle.  But the answer was somewhere in Serbia.

    OK, maybe this is a Google problem, but may I suggest you make it so that "return to start" takes you to the actual puzzle location, not merely the location it showed you at the start of that puzzle.  This at least would have given me the black screen you describe, and not the repeated wrong location that I actually got.

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