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"giveaway" free trail - could Map maker invite a non-geoguesser to try once a map?

May be an idea to give Map Makers some "free tickets" to giveaway?

Example: I'm working on maps about Electric car chargers.
I have an electric car, I'm into Electric Vehicles forums and so on.

I could invite a non-geoguessr EV entusiast to try my map: a map about something that EV entusiast is into.
Wanna try to see chargers in the wild? Here a free trail on my EV map.

It will work for every subject: Ruritanian lovers, addicted to Mcdonalds, harbour entusiast, wine experts: "guess those wineyards"
Name it, I guessr someone create a map about it, somewhere.

A "Map Maker giveaway" would be a bait for specific niches to discover Geoguessr via a shared interest. Some would be hooked.

The "giveaway" it's on Map Maker subscription: no free band. .

Some rules may apply: a Map Maker could have new "free tickets" if the map is that big / improved every x days / other criteria, or once a month.

Seen similar suggestion for Education and Students accounts: the "Map maker free ticket" could be based on the same framework, with some restrictions..
Fabio Galletti


  • Since you're making maps you have a pro account. You can create challenge links and share to anyone with a free account to play freely. With this you can basically make the free tickets you suggested!
  • Ops, lost the function. -_-"

    Kinda new to some features.

    So I play my map not as "single user" but as "challenge" and I have a free link?

    Or I have my "target person" to open a free account, fix a username and then I can invite that username in the game?
    Fabio Galletti
  • Tried.

    Non much success.

    Meaning: the system works.
    Challenge, a link to copy/paste came out, it the "target" bite it opens the "subscribe for free" to play page.

    And there all screeched to an halt.

    The "give your data to try" seems to be a massive psycological obstacle for a lukewarm interested person.

    At least, the few people I invited turned down as "I tried, but some inscription scam popped out and I gave up"

    Fabio Galletti
  • You generate challenge link on any map of your choice, including your own map. You set a timer if you want. Then you get the link and share it to whoever you want.

    They just need a free account. Between round 3 and 4 they have to wait 10 seconds where a pro advertising is displayed but that's it. They do not need to get pro, just wait and the "continue" button will appear.
  • Yes, thank you. I got how to.

    The stop is, as said, psycological.
    The three peopre so far I tried to involve, when bumped on "insert data to free account" simply won't do that.

    Inserting any data just for a peek is just too much to ask, in their opinion.

    The system in itself works perfectly.
    The problem is between the chair and the keyboard, in the three cases I tried.
    Not interested if it's not click-and-play.
    Fabio Galletti
  • On the same theme, more or less...
    Trying a new thing: Twitter.

    Everytime I play a game, I'll play it as challenge, and I will post it on Twitter something like

    "Playing a #Geoguessrchallenge @geoguessr: "bridges in Ruritania" map (url)
    Wanna try?"
    Fabio Galletti

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