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Give players the possibility to file multiple reports against the same player

Sometimes, you encounter a suspected cheater in competitive duels. You link the game (still painful to find the report button and to manually link, but whatever). Then you queue up again.

The same player. Armed with more evidence, you rush back to the page after he gets a 5k in a location in Finland (population: 3,000) in an un-5kable location (no town names, much less any road number), in less than a minute. (

The report button has disappeared. "Thanks for reporting this player!", it reminds you.

Why can't I add more evidence to my previous report? Why can't I file another one? I get that you guys are trying to avoid serial spammers (which you should be allowed to deal with easily anyway), but this is yet another feature that results in an information loss for you guys and an infuriating experience in competitive.


  • You can gather reports if you suspect that the same player cheats and send them into the same report. But in case a player is cheating, then there is normally more than one report from other users as well.
  • Unfortunately I don't have the gift of prophecy, so I cannot reasonably be expected to file multiple reports if I don't know if I'm ever going to be playing the same player again.

    Speaking of which, even if I did at a later date go back to find the matches played against such suspected cheater, it would be an impossible task since there is no user-friendly way to sort games played against an opponent.

    I'm sorry, but discarding player feedback for such a simple fix verges on the edge of laziness. Maybe you're understaffed, or maybe you just don't care.

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