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GG doesn't understand its own game

So I gave into the extortion and decided to become a pro player, but there is one serious flaw in geoguessr that will cause me to quit.  I play almost exclusively "world" games, and I simply do not understand GG's penchant for long, straight stretches of featureless highway through some desert or jungle, usually with a camera so blurry that no signs can be made out.  On average, 2 to 3 out of five locations in any game answer this description.  Whether it's Western Australia, southern Argentina or Irkutsk Oblast, these places are not interesting, and the games are not fun.  It seems that GG must seek these places out, with preference for terrible cameras.  With all the beautiful, historic and interesting places this great world has to offer, why do they have such a jones for boring and blurry ones?  I've been playing GG for six years, and I hoped by paying them they would provide a better game, but they do not.  Such a sad waste of potential.
Jonathan Limebrook


  • Hi Jonathan,

    Sorry to hear that.. The locations in the world map are random we haven't picked the long highways manually hehe.

    We know that the maps could need some love but luckily our awesome users have created 40k+ maps that you can choose from, here are some of our favourites

    thanks for the feedback!
  • Cancelled my pro subscription.  Another dirt highway in Bumfuckistan, about five kilometers long and a dead end at both ends.  Sorry, you lost me.
    Jonathan Limebrook
  • Blaming a game for how our World is and not even trying other maps that can fix the problem? Not bad.
  • But Irkutsk Oblast is awesome!
  • My favorite thing about the long desolate stretches of highway is realizing just how many of them there are across the world. My favorites are the endless stretches of flat forest roads in Scandinavia, holy crap there are so many. Who lives out there?
    dank philosopher

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