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Getting to know the world and its cultures - with GeoGuessr!

Dear GeoGuessr team and community!
I am loving this game! I regularly play it with a friend of mine via Skype and the inbuild screensharing. We are ambitious players and our goal is to maximize points and the minimal deviation of the starting position (we got 25k points and several games with a deviation of less than 1 m).
Besides the competitive aspect we love visiting the world and explore unknown places. Friends of us are always amused when we tell them we "visited" Spain, Columbia or Poland and tell them about curious discoveries. We collect some memorable rounds which I want to share here.
In one round we did not start on the road, but in a dentist's surgery. After a quick check we notized we could only move inside. A little mystery story began. All the posters on the wall were in English, so we first thought we were in the U.S. But then we found an Indian caption - we were in India! We were searching for further clues on the posters but in the end we had to guess.
Another round recently took place in Japan. Little sheds on the road, appearing regularly, caught our attention. Our curiosity was aroused by those sheds. Why were they so frequent? What was their purpose? With a smartphone app we scanned the Japanese signs but they pointed to a Japanese lottery - clearly not what we were looking for. After extensive research we found that those sheds were for immediate disaster relief after an earthquake or tsunami!
Those little stories are making it so enjoyable to play your game! Glad you are still working on this wonderful project and if I could I would donate something to your team. 😉
Best wishes!

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