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Getting my maps played...

How do I get my maps played  by other people. I've made three and I have only one play on one of them, which was me doing a play test. They've been up for weeks and nobody has played them, nor do I think they ever appeared in the "new map" section on the main page. Is there something I've missed?
Kristoffer Martin


  • Hi Kristoffer,

    They should have appeared in the new maps section but there's a lot of maps being created..

    The best way of getting plays is probably to send a link to it to friends. Or posting it in forums where people might find it interesting to play, if you built a local map for your city maybe there's local forums/message boards where you could post it?

    Then you have places like where people might be interested (or have better tips on how to get some traction)

    Good luck!

  • Well I didn't make a local map for my city. I did one for Western Wisconsin, and then one of the entire US and a test one which I don't expect anybody to play (only has 5 locations). I have posted it to facebook and the like, no response. When I went to look at the Maps/new section mine aren't anywhere in it.
    Kristoffer Martin

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