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Geoguessr Zooming Bug

There is a bug which occurs when I try to zoom in or out of the result map using my mouse wheel. This is the map which appears at the end of each round to show you how close you where.

Basically, when I try to zoom in, the map glitches out and appears to have zoomed itself back out again. So, I can't zoom in or out very easily, as the map keeps undoing my zooming, putting me back to the default zoom level.

Please can you fix this bug as soon as possible. Thank you.
Dan Tennant


  • Hi Dan,

    Thanks for letting us know, it has been fixed and will roll out as soon as possible!

    have a great day!

  • I have just checked, and the bug is still definitely there. I would like it fixed as soon as possible, remember.
    Dan Tennant
  • Same here.
  • Is his bug being solved?
    Dan Tennant
  • Hi guys,

    yes it's fixed we haven't released it yet, sorry for the delay. It will come out today.

    have a great day,
  • The Bug has still not been fixed I have the same problem
    Please fix soon!
  • I'm experiencing this bug too
  • Hi guys,

    Ok I'll have to look into it, which OS/browser are you using? What map are you playing? etc.

  • Im playing on Windows 10 on Chrome
  • The bug remains on both the map and the street view. Windows 10; Chrome. Pretty irritating since this has been a bug for as long as I can remember.
  • Hi! Yes I have this bug as well. I can't zoom nor change the view. I love this game (and hate my job) so would love if there is a way to fix it!
  • I seem to be having the same problem.

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