Geoguessr view in Chrome

I used to play geguessr in chrome, but for some reason it is lately looking as if I am playing from a mobile version of the website. This does not happen when I play from Safari. Also, I am not able to play any battle royale version- I just get the error that something went wrong (only tried in Safari as I don´t like the "mobile" look that I get in Chrome).
I am playing from a Mac.


  • Hi ML,

    Does this still happen for you when you play? I know that sometimes Safari get this error whilst playing in Chrome or Firefox works on Macbooks. Have you updated to the latest iOS on Mac or tried clearing cache and cookies in Safari?

  • Hi Filip,

    Yes, it still happens. My issue is that when I go on the website in Chrome it takes me to a "mobile version" of the website. It looks as if you are going on the website from your mobile phone... which makes it weird to play.
    I am attaching a screenshot so you can see what I mean.
  • Thanks for the update!

    That is strange, have never seen that before so hard to tell what the issue is. I tried on my own Mac and it works for me.

    Have you tried completely reinstalling Chrome? Or disabling extensions or any potential plugins in Chrome?

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