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geoguessr thinks i am using an adblocker, i am not.

i whitelisted the site, but i still cannot play the game because of this.


  • Hi g,

    Which adblocker is it? Let me see if I can reproduce it.

  • Dear GeoGuessr Team,

    WTF, I deleted Chrome and installed it new, but your site thinks I still have installed a ad blocker and my funking friends have one but aren't detected by your stupid system pls.

    Sincerely A Person who did anything but nothing works
    Max Mustermann
  • Same. Also, adblockers only block predatory ads, not native ads.
  • I am using the Chrome extension AdBlock. I have geoguessr white listed. However, I still get this message:

    "It looks like you are using an ad blocker
    The internet is full of ads these days, and we totally understand that you are using an ad blocker.

    Unfortunately, running a website with millions of users costs a lot of money, and running GeoGuessr would not be possible without it.

    We kindly ask you to disable the ad blocker while playing GeoGuessr so we all can continue exploring the world!

    How to Disable AdBlock?

    But I don't want to see the ads?
    As a GeoGuessr PRO member you will never be exposed to any advertisement. In addition to the improved experience, a number of additional features are unlocked when signing up for a PRO membership.


    If the game is going behind a pay wall, that's fine. But blaming on an adblocker seems disingenuous. If this is not the case, then I apologize.
  • The game isn't behind a paywall, some users had a similar issue where the game think an adblock is enabled. Sometimes it's because of something else: another extension, custom scripts (with tampermonker / greasermonkey), the browser itself that may include some sort of adblocker... The first thing to do is to disable all the extensions to see if it fixes the problem. If yes, then tell which extension you have so the devs can try to see why it's considered as an adblock.

    Things like Privacy badger, Noscript, Ghostery... may be in cause.
  • Hi,

    Yeah sorry for the inconvenience. As Mapper said there could be other things like extensions/firewalls that causes this and I'd love to figure out what it could be.. So if you could try to disable extensions, try in different browsers, on another computer on the same network etc to figure out what could cause it we'd really appreciate it!

  • Hi again, some browsers have built in ad blockers as well, for ex. in chrome there's a checkbox if you go to the console > settings and scroll down to network. Maybe it can be worth having a look if someone is having issues.

  • Same here cant even play the game i have comepletly uninstalled chrome and still cant play:(
    Axel Viktor Petursson
  • I'm done with geoguessr at this point. ive disabled all of my adblockers, tried to disable the chrome one, it should be off but either way, GeoGuessr doesn't work.
  • Same problem here. Also, Geoguessr asks me after every location do I want try 10 days trial periods. No, I don't want to. Stop asking it. I hate you. You suck.
  • This is ABSOLUTELY IDIOTIC and STUPID... I have disabled all my Adblock but that shitty message still appears, wtf are developers doing.
  • Yeah, this is ridiculous. I downloaded and installed a completely clean Firefox installation (no stored information from a previous installation - I use Chrome as my only browser) and the badly implemented adblock detection still thinks I'm using an adblocker.
  • Hello everyone,

    I just found a quick solution to this problem and wanted to share it.
    It's an installation of a new browser so if you didn't try any other browser already installed on your computer, maybe try to do so before you follow my advices.

    I installed "Brave" wich is a browser whith included adblocking.
    Because of this, disabling adblocking for one site is really easy and effective on this browser.


    1) Go to :
    2) Download & Install their browser.
    3) Start it.
    4) At the right end of the address bar, click the lion head.
    5) Turn off "Shields UP for this site"
    6) Test on ""
    7) Enjoy the game.
    8) Thank me ?


    Guillaume B.
    Guillaume B.

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