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GeoGuessr runs very slow on Firefox on Linux

I have observed this across multiple distributions of Linux and it only happens in Firefox. Camera movement is very laggy and movement is severely delayed. It runs smoother in Google Chrome, but it still feels less responsive than Windows. I don't know if there are specific packages required or if it is just not optimized for use on Linux.


  • Same thing is happening for me too, using Ubuntu 20.04 currently but I've also tried on Fedora 33 and Fedora 34 with the same results.

    It's a shame as I really enjoy this game but it's just unplayable.
  • I've been able to get Geoguessr to work pretty well by spoofing my user agent to a Chrome one. I'm using the addon "User-Agent Switcher and Manager" to set my user agent for just Geoguessr and no other sites.

  • Changing the user agent worked for me too
  • Just a summary and an update for other people looking for a solution:
    -Works fine on chromium browsers like Brave
    -On Firefox you need to switch the user agent to chrome


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