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GeoGuessr Oddities

A small group of GeoGuessr fans (around 35-40) have created a Facebook group called GeoGuessr Oddities. We use it mostly to highlight the odd things we encounter in the game. And sometimes the beautiful things. Or amusing things. And sometimes the odd beautiful amusing things.

Anybody interested is welcome to join in.

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  • Hi Greg,

    Fun initiative! I've joined the group. If you want to recruit more members you can probably find some here

    Thanks for playing!


  • I once found a sequence of images taken on a road in Australia where there was a kangaroo hopping in front of the vehicle. Then it was closer. Then it was lying on the road.
    It was like a sad little roadkill story being told by Google Streetview, a Google Camera vehicle and Geoguesser. But none of them had noticed it (probably the driver did at the time). But it took playing the game to actually see it unfold.

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