geoguessr large event

Hi, I would like to have geoguessr at an event i'm organizing.
It would be a huge event, more than 2000 people and i would like them to play for around 30 minutes (during the break of the event)
Explorer game would be ok, i would just like that they would all partecipate at the same challenge so to have an Ranking at the end of it.
i'm looking at the website and online but i don't find the info I need.
Is it possible? what would i need?

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  • Hi,

    Absolutely it is possible. You can with one Pro-account set up a Challenge and then send out that link (or multiple if you want) to Free-accounts and they can take part. And then it will be a leaderboard at the end.

    They will need to create an account however, at the moment it is not possible to play without an account. Hopefully it is something we can add in the future however.

  • Thank you for your answer.
    and how many players can play at the same time, in the same "league" (the ranking should consider all the participants)?

  • In a Challenge on a Map there is no limitation.

    For Battle Royale private games there is a limitation of 10 players per lobby (one pro account is needed to set one lobby up).

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