GeoGuessr iOS app problem

Sometimes I like to play the game on my phone, but I have been running into a couple different problems. First and more importantly is that maybe like 1/5 of the games I play some round will just say “waiting for next round to start” at the bottom instead of letting me actually play and move or select a country. Another problem I’ve seen is just not being able to select Taiwan. It’s happened several times now, usually hasn’t been taiwan those times but still annoying.


  • Hello,

    We had something similar a while back which was resolved by updating the app.

    Furthermore, it can also be a connectivity issue, when I played on a train a while ago I could experience it when passing through the barren forestscapes in Sweden. It was fixed whenever the reception was good.

    Some countries aren't available in BRC / Country streaks i.e. Taiwan.

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