Why did geoguessr sell out? I used to play it all the time years ago, I heard about the new fane modes and thought I might try it out againonly to find the atrocity that it had become. I understand the limited access to new game modes but only allowing one game pretty day is the dumbest money having scheme I have ever heard of.


  • You clearly didn't bothered searching why, like too many others. They didn't sell out, they just got hurt a lot by Google's prices that increased by 14 in 2018. So instead of shutting down they had to limit free plays to avoid bankrupt.

    It cost more than 400,000€ to run the game in 2019 and since the game saw more and more players that increased the costs even more. Nobody would pay that much so their users can enjoy their work for free so it's up to the users to pay if they want to play.

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