geoguessr free

cant see the maps while playing on the free version of geoguessr, everything else seems to be working, and the map shows different locations.
Elias Gimberg


  • Hi Elias,

    I logged in and it worked for me when I went to -
    Have you tried another browser to see if it works?

    Could you expand a bit on what you are not able to see on the site?

  • Hey Filip,

    i followed your link but i couldnt find the free version. Did you in some way miss that i was talking about the free version? 😀

    When i start a new game, the whole screen is black, you can see the "minimap" and the compass and so on, but the main screen is black. when you set your location randomly somewhere on the minimap, it shows where we are. Its like the photos of the location i am in wont load :/

    have a good one


    Elias Gimberg
  • Strange that it does not load whatsoever for you.

    Is it the same if you try another device or browser?

    Or if you disable Hardware acceleration in the browser?

  • You can also try the fix that is posted here in GitHub for Mapillary (who provides the Free Version) -

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