Geoguessr free mode

You just completely ruined the game for free users, it's almost unplayable if you are not a pro user.
-you get 1 free high quality game every 24hrs which is just ridiculous
-the free mode is just horrible, to the point that it's actually frustrating to play
- quality is so bad you can't even read signs
-most locations don't even have a 360 degrees view
-you can't move with your  mouse cursor, you have to use those dumb arrows
-You should revert it back to it's original phase, it almost looks like you're actually trying to kill the game as fast as possible 

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  • Mapper
  • Was mal als ein schnelles Spiel zwischendurch war, ist zu einem Geschäftsmodell geworden. Mit dem was als Free-Mode angeboten wird lockt man keine neuen Spieler an. Irgendwann stellt man fest, dass Google mal wieder die Geschäftsbedingen und/oder die Preise geändert hat. Entweder man lässt sich darauf ein, oder lässt es bleiben. Diese Lösung mit Anmeldung und Bezahlsystem und das was man dafür geboten bekommt ist es nicht wert.
    Unsatified former Player
  • yes
  • and you can't create maps!
  • Map creation always required a pro subscription, nothing new on this side.
  • I know GeoGuessr costs to make and stuff but free version is just trash, you can't do anything on it (low movement ability, low resolution...)
    If payment is so important I think a good idea is to make some maps free (world and continents) they would be as good as pro maps.
    That means you can play casual stuff for free but if you want to play other maps and special countries etc you must pay the pro subscription.

    Game was getting popular but then this pro stuff killed it completely and I understand why. What casual player who doesn't know much about geography would pay for a few rounds. I mean a kid (lets call him Mark), so Mark sees a nice youtube video on GeoGuessr theme and wants to give it a try, he types URL, enters and plays one round. He isn't satisfied with his score but he had fun so he decides to get the subscription and his parents let him have it. After a few rounds daily for a week he gets bored and never plays it again because he needs to pay for a few rounds as he doesn't play that much.
    Irrelevant guy with innovative ideas
  • No, no, no and no. Always the same random false statements...

    Game isn't killed, it's always played a lot. I can clearly see it on my map statistics, they even increased in the past months, and even more now with the lockdown in many countries.

    Free maps using Google services will ruin the devs, no matter which maps you make: they load Google data? They will be expensive for devs. Make one single map free, people will just play it too much to not pay and ruin the devs by increasing the Google fees too much. They already make efforts with a daily free game + free daily challenge + introduction game that cost them money with no return (and I'm not even talking about free challenges and leagues!).

    The free map is garbage? Indeed it is. Why? Because Google is expensive. Why is Google expensive? Because they multiplied their prices by 14 in the past. Why they could do that? Because nobody else can compete with Google. Mapillary, used for the free map, is the best competitor to Google Street View so you can have an idea of the power of Google in this domain.

    To be clear: the only way to have a game like GeoGuessr free is either pushing Google to reduce their prices a lot (which requires some big business to make their own Street View service good enough to break Google's monopoly) or finding someone extra-rich (like billionaires) ready to give thousands of dollars per month to fund the game... Not easy, right?
  • @Mapper, it was killed. They weren't random, false statements. The ability for classrooms to use this as a tool is ruined. The ability for friends to play just TWO games back to back is ruined. Geoguessr appears to have sold out. I want to say I understand the problems faced by a website that uses google, but I don't have any such experience to say that I do understand. I'm not saying it was easy, but damn, it is a shame.
  • It is not killed at all. I've been seeing new and new players every day. In our community on Reddit and the associated Discord server we keep seeing new people joining. They just removed the players that were randomly popping in, playing a world game without even registering before going away to never come back (or not before a few months). Those users are the worst for a service that costs money on each single use without any return.

    Anyways if you want to complain about the situation, Google is who you're looking at, they're entirely responsible of this. But you'll just complain to a wall.
  • This is frustrating.
  • this is frustrating.
  • GeoGuessr is a fun and casual way to learn about new places, play games and compete with your friends and others. Score the most point by guessing where in the world you just landed.
    this is not fun anymore if have to pay money to play. 

    one map every 24 h is stupid when i played the daily challenges someone had 5000 points for every location. that person is either a bot or a creator of the game
  • >this is not fun anymore if have to pay money to play.

    It's freaking two or three bucks a month... people pay more for their coffee everyday but complain about this? If it keeps free for all then there will be annoying ads but it wont cover the costs probably so they might have to shut it down altogether.
  • Hey smh, I don't mind ads at all, the more ads the better. I don't have money to support the creators, but advertisers do. As someone who doesn't drink coffee, this would be a lot of money.
  • The maps aint even theirs but Google and the are making money out of it, they are basically stealing, in my opiniom they should Just put ads and remove pro
  • So many idiots around. Go look how Google Maps work using the API and see how expensive it is. They have to pay Google when you play so it is normal that you pay for your usage. Would you pay yourselves tens of thousands of dollars each month so people can use your work for free? Use your brain, if you have one.
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  • I'm reporting your comment for using that word.
  • Please don't use alternate accounts, thanks.
  • Very disappointed. I found this game when I was 15 and loved it. It was a fun way to pass the time. Every now and then I'd stop playing for a few months at a time and check in. It was different every time, but this time, I only got to play once and was surprised to learn that you now have to pay to play! What a shame. This was such a fun, niche little website where geography lovers could have a good time, see the world, and have a fun little challenge. It was an awesome educational tool, and so much fun. It was bad enough when it went from a website that loaded you right into a random location around the world, to needing to choose a map pack, to now not even being able to play. Very disappointed.
    Heartbroken earlier fan.
  • No options other than to put this paywall up. The only better choice I could see is buy x games for x price as opposed to a monthly subscription. Can't afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars for no return. It's either this or the game is shut down, your choice.
  • Can’t there be some free no email option that you can use? I don’t care what anybody else says, but this game is stupid.
    Very frustrated
  • I totally agree with the main comment. 1 free play/day? Really? No other option to get rich real fast from this game? Here, I'll give a couple of tips
    - hint points, that could be bought
    - merchandise that you already have
    - interesting challenges for paying members only
    and these are only a couple off the top of my mortal head.
    Oh, they require more development time? Still beats coming up with a crappy marketing strategy and losing a lot of players. Shame

    I created an account because I really enjoyed the game last I played a couple of years back. Instantly deleted it.

    Everyone wants to get rich real fast.
    Szabolcs Gergely
  • "Still beats coming up with a crappy marketing strategy and losing a lot of players " Great, another one that doesn't known what he's talking about. Not a big loss.
  • "Great, another one that doesn't known what he's talking about. Not a big loss."
    Please elaborate, so I can become as enlightened as you
    Szabolcs Gergely
  • The game is not losing players, it's the absolute opposite. In the past months the map statistics clearly shows a huge increase of players.

    And the game doesn't need tons of players to live, it needs pro players because each time a player (free or pro) loads the game screen, the devs have to pay Google. So free players were pure loss for them, pro players pay for the costs they generates.

    All of this was explained tens of times everywhere so next time just make a bit of search, it won't hurt anyone and avoid endless spam of messages like this that don't contribute to anything.
  • Mr. Mapper, you're an arrogant.

    I discovered this game a lot of years ago and was amazing. But now, after a long time, I decided to play again. Now is just gargabe! Only one free play per day? Really? You should just delete your site!! I will not play again.

  • First, it's not my site.

    Second, if you took a bit of time to look around and educate yourself before throwing another useless rant, you would learn than you can play more than one free game per day.

    Last, if you were to work hard to create a game that costs you money every time someone else plays it, would you be ok to pay those costs yourself? Pretty sure your answer will be no.

    You're like the others, just an selfish person not thinking further than your own interests...
  • @Lola
    you're pathetic... that entitlement by some of you people is incredible. How do you expect the creator of the site to keep up with the costs? Server and the google api for the maps. They can't make it free forever. It's really cheap at only 2 bucks a month but no that's outrageous somehow
  • Hey Mapper, i understand that this game costs lots of money for every game, truly. But, even you dont trust me, i am in a situation were my family has no money and cannot pay the pro version. I just wanted to say that i would be fine with at least 3 games per day, anything more is annoying to me, i just would like to play 1 or two more times before waiting. The game works perfectly and all is fine with that. I just have that problem.
    Random Guy
  • That's not the devs problem if you can't afford the costs you'll generate to them. They can't just give you free stuff while having to pay for it behind, you can't force them to do that. If you can't afford a private service then don't use it. If I wanted to travel in a remote place but don't have the money to pay the expensive flight should I complain to the airline company about having to pay? I don't think so and this is the same here.

    We all know it sucks but the origin of this is Google and both devs and us (the players) are helpless against it. The devs already take risks allowing a free daily game + free daily challenge + unlimited free playable challenge links and leagues so instead of complaining just use those possibilities.
  • Just created an account a few days ago because I saw a YouTuber play it. I knew that you had to wait between each game but wasn't always sure for how long. I actually quite enjoyed the game, it's definitely a game that can be educational but also great fun. The only thing is I really am not a big fan of the wait. I know the pro version doesn't cost much but I don't really like spending money on things like this, especially digitally. It's such a shame because it gets annoying after you finish a game and then you have to wait a day before you can play another one. As other comments have said there are so many other ways to get money, I wouldn't mind any of those like I wouldn't even care if there were a bunch of adds. It's just a bit saddening with the long wait. But otherwise I really like it.

  • I completely disagree with the statement that free version is unplayable. It depends on how you use the game, of course, but as a non-frequent player I'm totally satisfied : I open a map each time I can, even if I don't want to play that day, so that it's unlocked and I can play it later. Also, when I play, I really like to explore and take notes from what I observe in the maps, so usually after only one map, max 2, I'm done. It leaves 3-4 maps available to use when I'll want to. So, why not opening maps after having waited the mandatory 24 hours, even when you're not planning to play at the time, so you save them for later !

    Of course the completely free maps are trash, too often you can't even move and it's just an image, this is a no-go. The free game every 24 hours is more than enough for my way of playing the game.

    But if you're that much into the game, want to improve, compete, etc, then the pro version is totally accessible ! What is 2 euros per month ? Really nothing when you are a dedicated player. If you fit into that definition, purchase it and live your best life, mate.
  • Yeah, definitely and that's a good way to do it. Though I didn't say it was unplayable just it was annoying. Sometimes it takes long to do a game and sometimes if I leave and come back the map glitches, I can move and stuff but then I'm stuck. And it is fine, it is playable. But just saying there are many other ways to gain the money and it would be nice to at least be able to play a couple of games per day. But this is just my opinion.

  • your game is dying you literally don't even need money to keep this game going. Just go back to the original game and you will gain more people wanting to play your game.

    Because at the moment your game is a shambles.
    Just look at the comments, give the people what they want and deserve.
    mike oxlong
  • Too bad you talk without even knowing anything about the game statistics. You would be surprised how much it is played and how the player count keeps growing. And clearly you have literally no idea about how the game actually costs for the developers.

    Next time, make some research before posting, it will save you an embarrassing moment.
  • Have EA purchased geoguessr? Rly that we need to PAY to PLAY a fucking simple game? Motherfuckers
  • only you have to do is put AD every game or something to gain money in this fucking game
  • Discovered this game this year during Iso and cannot believe I get full access and functionality for a few bucks a month!  I pay over $100 for some games online.  I would happily pay double to get some improvements instigated more quickly. Am unsure why you even bother to answer the people who agree it is a great product, that wouldn't exist without the GeoGuessr team but think they should still get it for free.  I suggest they ask for a subscription for birthday or Xmas or go and create their own version. 

  • Why won't they put some ads instead of forcing people to pay if they want to play
  • Because ads are not enough. Ads are not a magical way to become rich, they obey a market law, the more ads you put the less they will pay.
  • Welp! GeoGuessr has officially died! great job to the dumbass devs.

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