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Geo Guessr needs to improve accuracy of locations

I love this game, and play all the time. I am a bit frustrated, though, when I identify my location to an exact intersection, verified on Google Maps, and when I enter my guess, the official results show me as being any where from several hundred meters to many miles away from where GeoGuessr actually depicts. I can locate the street intersections, landmark structures and businesses, and when I pinpoint my guess on the game map, the results come up far from where the game has landed me. Please improve the accuracy when we make good moves!
Thanks, and keep the maps coming!
Richard Agnello


  • Just a quick question. Are you trying to guess where you currently are or where you started when the round began? You're supposed to be guessing the starting location.

    If this was what you were already doing, just ignore what I said. 😀
  • Yes that's a common mistake where people think they have to guess their current location instead of the starting location. You have the flag button on the left to go back to start to help.

    On another side, having to guess the current location could be another game mode interesting to play. Another ideas for the devs!

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