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GEO 38.660N 74.955E Tajikistan ? Gov build village?

Noticed a what appears to be a Government / military authorized village at GEO 38.660N 74.955E  Tajikistan. Just thought your GEOGUESSERS would find this unusual and curious. No cars, no gardens, no people... the large concrete aprons appear heavily reinforced (underground faculty?) with very high fencing. Note the space between the two concrete areas the shadow of the high fencing does not appear to be a gated, just continuous fencing between the two. Just to the NE you will see to other facilities with concrete reinforced parking aprons and a military style training / fitness area (see shadows). Back to the SE, near the entrance you will see two really tall HF and microwave towers.   Google map:  Bulungkol Akto County, Kizilsu Kyrgyz Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, China

Don Yergin


  • This is actually on the Chinese side of the border
  • Thanks, Joshua. Now it sounds more like a Chinese Government underground command center or Leadership emergency  evacuation center at 38.658829, 74.954458. Oh and looks like Russian are spending a lot to install a huge communication system at 54.542856, 89.775493. Must be something nearby it supports.
    Don Yergin

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