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Games disappearing from the My Ongoing Games folder


I do not play, or just load, a new game every day, by far not. However, on several days I didn't have time to play but I did start a game as a reserve (lately so many seem to begin just near a fat road sign - wonder why that could be 😉 - those are then solved pretty fast). Others are sitting in my Ongoing Games because I have spent hours on them without finding the solution. They end up waiting last in the list, because I know I will need a longer time for them.

The more annoying is it - when I do get around to have another go at those - to find them deleted without warning. All the time I have spent on them is wasted! Is this a bug or another restriction, to 10 games in the folder if I'm right?

I mean, the restriction to one game per day ensures just this, users cannot load more. Why would you restrict the number of started and saved games as well?


  • When you have more than 10 ongoing games you only see the 10 latest games and you should have a green "MORE..." button under to load more. Don't you have it?

    As a workaround maybe you can save the links when you create the games (or fav it) and see if you can resume using the link. I know it works in challenge mode, no idea for solo games. Worth a try.

    Btw you will have to know that GeoGuessr devs have to pay Google every time the game loads Street View and the guessing map. Even if you just refresh the tab, or just open the map editor, Google bills the devs every time it is loaded. So they could totally apply some restrictions to free users if needed to ensure they won't go bankrupt. But in this case it may just be a bug from the latest update.
  • Facepalm and sorry! Of course there is a button. I never noticed, probably because I read at 130% browser size for my bad eyesight and never scrolled completely down. :/

    Thank you Mapper, problem solved.

    You mean, if I play the 5 rounds of a game in 2 days instead of in one go, this would cost extra? I'll keep that in mind. Greedy buggers, Google!

    Thanks, GeoGuessr, for keeping it running and as free as possible!
  • Hi ! I'm adding my question to this thread because it's quite the same topic : I have a few ongoing games, and wondered if they'd disappear after a certain time or after having reached a certain amount of them. Can someone tell me if it does happen, and if so, when, or if it doesn't and I can live my best life accumulating ongoing games worry-free ? Thanks folks !
  • I am not aware of any limitation. I recently moved 100+ ongoing games from my list myself to clean it so you can save a lot of them. And i still have ongoing games from 2017 so they don't disappear after some time.
  • I have the same problem - All of my games saved in "ongoing games" disappear. Is there something I can do to repair this?

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