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Game unusable since changed to mapillary

The game is now quite hard to use, most locations simply won't let you move more then two blocks and quite often you cannot see clearly as most of the content is covered by the car.. Just wondering if I am the only one finding it pretty difficult to play now? The game as it is now really can't be used 🙁


  • I completely agree. Mapillary doesnt work well. Please bring it back to how it used to be! If you put a little survey up asking whether mapillary works well for the users I think a vast majority would agree that it is bad.
    Daniel Hermansson
  • I know Google Maps API bills are sky rocketing... I hope this won't mean the end of this game 😢
  • Please see this post for more information: Regarding the latest changes to non-pro functionality

  • T\his is my third time trying to post, but they never appear. Are you selecting?
    I have paid for Geoguessr but can no longer play because the cursor is uncontrollable.
    Please reply and let me know if you're doing anything about it.
  • Mapillary is a bad choice. I hope the developers change from Mapillary to other map providers. This game has lots of potential, but, Google with its corporate greed made the API cost higher with makes Geoguessr develop a paywall.
    David Hoffmann, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

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