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Game statistics and accuracy heatmap

Generally I think it would be cool if there were more analytics regarding games and scores. The statistics that are currently on the profile page are something, but they have some issues. The overall average, for instance, is confounded by different game modes or practice games. The highest scores aren't useful once you have played a perfect game or a perfect round. Having these stats available per-map or for different game modes would be handy and I think there are a ton of other interesting things that could be done (I mentioned the score-over-time plot in a previous post).

One cool analytical tool would be an accuracy heatmap. Essentially this would show how accurate your guesses are in different parts of the world. Basically for each location you would color the area around the location according to how far off your guess was. If you generated a heatmap for all the guesses that you have made on a certain map (perhaps within a certain period of time), you would very easily be able to diagnose your weaknesses. Note that you could do this either by plotting the accuracy for each true location (as described) or the accuracy for each location that you guess. The latter would identify places that you tend to guess that are wrong.
Tobin Fitzthum


  • I was thinking about the accuracy by location as well. This would be amazing to have, an objective look into which areas require the most practice.
    J P

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