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Game Save

hello everyone, is there a way to save a game in progress (ex country streak) so that you can close the computer and play once it is reopened? Thank you
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  • Hi,

    You can just close the game, it is automatically saved. You can resume in the ongoing games (in the menu on the left). You will just start at the beginning of the round of you has started it, there is no way to resume where you were when you left yet.
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  • I have the same question, but do not see how to close a game to trigger automatically save the game. I had a streak of 137, searched all over how to save, then geoguessr crashed that game, DID NOT SAVE it. Not happy. How can I save and keep going or at least save at 50 or 100 streak to save....
    Arthur Thiel
  • Same problem with me, i closed the page and when i came back i had to start again and my streak wasn't saved
  • You can access the game through Ongoing Games. It should also be under Activities in case it was finished.

    In case of any issues you can send the Game-ID to and I can see if I can locate it.


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