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Game is in extremely low quality.

I have 450 Mbps download and a high end computer and Geoguessr is extremely low quality and I have no idea why. It is just Geoguessr and not google maps, as can be seen by the images here (first is Geoguessr, second is google maps in the same location)

It's bad enough to the point where in many places I can't read signs at all. It sometimes gets fixed in some areas if I zoom in all the way but as it stands it is near impossible for me to play the game at all. Am I connected to the wrong server? Is there some setting I haven't flipped? Or is it a lost cause?



  • Hard to say what the issue might be related to Im afraid. Have you tried some of the following troubleshooting and see if it works better?

    - Try another device (if possible)
    - Another browser
    - Enable/Disable Hardware acceleration
    - Disable any extensions
  • On my laptop it runs just fine, however I'd rather be able to play it on my computer so I can record it without it lagging horrendously. Tried on Chrome as opposed to Opera GX and the same issue occurred. Disabled hardware acceleration and that did help a bit but there are still patches of low quality area that don't go away even if I zoom into them, as shown here:
    As for extensions I disabled all of them to no visual effect, so I really am unsure what's going on. Are there any logs or anything I can send so you can take a look and see if it's something happening code-wise on my computer?

  • Hi,

    Some locations might have the low quality issue, I know that some panoramas in the US for instance have low quality. But if its the same issue in general and its specifically on one device this is not something we can fix or help further locate the issue on our end Im afraid.

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