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Friends list doesn't display all online friends

The sidebar shows the people you have friended in chronological order and it's limited to the first 21 friends. The issue is that if your friend #22 is online, he'll never appear in the sidebar. I think a better behaviour would give priority to any online friend, over the offline friends.

The same thing happens on the /me/friends page. We get: "online friends from the 1-21 group" followed by "offline friends from the 1-21 group", followed by "online friends from 21-42", followed by "offline friends from 21-42", … Any online friend should be at the top of the list. 



  • Hi,

    Absolutely, we have it in the backlog to fix. The reason we launched it without it is that its a small number that have over 21 friends 🙂
  • Seems fixed, thanks!

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