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Friend Score push emails are annoying and invasive

If you're at least a little bit like me, you don't like a cluttered inbox. Up to now, Geoguessr has had a couple of email notification categories, but they all at least serve a purpose. The daily challenge emails reminds a player in case they forget, just like league notifications. Friend Request notifications are also useful. And what they all have in common is that they can be disabled individually in your profile settings. These new friend score emails do not convey any important information at all, and cannot be individually disabled AFAIK. Their only purpose is to get players to visit geoguessr more often (= more ad revenue). I can imagine that a good amount of people that receive these emails will just block them (no more emails from, which seems counter-productive to me. I love this game and I understand that it needs to be financially sustainable to keep existing, but this is not the way.

other notes:
- no opt-out button in the push email
- no option to disallow geoguessr from using your game scores in these emails, (for privacy concerned people)
- is the "General notifications" email category the one that these friend score notifications fall under? This really should be a category on its own as I may want other notifications from this category. Seems poorly named or this feature is just missing altogether.


  • Ok found an opt-out button in the email so i was wrong on that one. It unsubscribes you from the "general notifications" category only, so i suppose that is which one these emails fall under. Would still like to see a separate category though.
  • I second this. The emails are annoying and not a good look for Geoguessr.
  • Thanks for the feedback! Will see if we can have add an opt-out button separately in Settings.
  • I hate the fact that an email is sent to my friends after I play a game. Let me turn that off! PLEASE! Sometimes I do not want others to know that I'm playing geoguessr.  
    I can turn off the mails that I receive, but not the ones that my friends receive because of me..


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