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Friend Request

My friends and I are trying to add each other and we never get requests


  • Hi AK,

    sorry for the late reply, is it still not working? Can you send me your friends nick or email so that I can look into it? You can email me if you don't want everybody to see.

  • Not only can I not send friend requests, we can't find each other and send requests. We have played matches versus each other but when we search each other's names we can't find each other. Also, the search process is made much harder because people have posted several thousand word long usernames.

     Gene messing
    Jacob's messing
    Jacob Messing
  • Hi Jacob

    Are you still having this problem? I tried searching for the users in your post and could find both of them. A tip if you're searching with multiple terms is to enclose the terms with quotation marks. That way only the exact matches for the entire search string is returned.

  • I am having this same problem with my brother where we both have "pending requests" but neither of us can accept.
  • Hi there!
    Me and one of my friends were also trying to befriend each other on this site. We found that by logging out and logging back on that the request appears on our home screens.
    Hope this helps!
    Best wishes.

  • Me and 2 other friends we have tried today like 2 hours ago and none of us got any friendship notification. So far it seems this feature is very buggy accordingly to several comments regarding this subject...
    Wellington Saamrin Barbosa Alves
  • my friend and  I can't found each other
    Bárbara Del Barco
  • hi guys,

    ok so it seems to be two issues,

    1. People can't find each other - when searching try to enclose the name in quotations "player name" for a more effective search.

    2. People do find each other and send a friend request but it does not show up/nothing happens when accepting it - as gillian suggested, try to log in and out, we'll investigate but that might help in the mean time.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Hi there, I'm having the issue where I can find others and send them a friend request, but the status of the request stays on request pending and doesn't change. The issue has been ongoing for a while, has there been a working solution found yet?
  • I have signed in and signed out with both my friends but nothing pops up, Please help.
  • hi, me and my friend have added one another on geoguessr and it just says "request pending". what does this mean please
    kacey the great
  • you guys better fix this you had this problem since may ok i cant accept the friend request help pls

  • my friends can not see my account

  • my friends can not see my account

  • cant add pete
  • If it says request pending tell your friend to scroll down in his main menu and accept your request.

  • Hi guys

    If you're having trouble seeing friend requests could you please send me an email at with the email from your GeoGuessr-account and I'll look into it!

  • is there a fix yet?
  • Hi terry,

    I checked your user and I can see that you've sent a friend request, checking that persons account I can see a pending friend request from you if I scroll down to the bottom on the start page.

    I know it's a bit hidden now that we've added more content to the start page, we're working on moving events to the top bar instead.

    Could you and your friend have a look? Or is it someone else you've tried to connect with? Let me know!

  • I'm having the same issue where it just says "Friend Request Pending"

    Brian Miller -

    Trying to be friends with Megan E Berg.
    Brian Miller
  • were do i accept another players friend request?

    vilgot lenninger
  • Go to the start page and scroll down a bit, there you should see a button called 'Invites', click that and the invites should show up there.

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi I don't see an invite button anywhere on the start page. When I click on my activities I can see a tab called invited but only my pending request shows up and not the request my friend sent to me.

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