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Free trial

Do I get charged after the free trial ends or when I get the membership in the first place?
Daniel Peshov


  • Hi,

    When you take a plan with a free trial you only get charged after the end of the trial. You can safely cancel the subscription at any time: the free trial will keep going and automatically stop without any charge. And if you keep the subscription you can also cancel it at any time: it will keep the pro status until the end of the month or the year depending of the selected plan.

    Be sure to take the monthly subscription or the annual plan with credit card. The PayPal plan doesn't have a free trial as PayPal takes the money instantly. Additionally the annual subscription is paid once per year, this mean it will charge you $24 at the end of the free trial. Monthly plan only charges $3 each month.
  • All right, thank you so much! 😃

    Daniel Peshov
  • I just got it and got charged before my free trial
    Zain Bangash
  • You probably selected the PayPal plan that has no free trial because PayPal doesn't wait to take the money.

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