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Frames are blurry in some places no matter the map or browser I play in.

The picture pretty much describes my problem. Some parts of each frame are blurry and some parts are fine. This is not a browser issue. For reference, I'm playing on a MacBook Air, mid-2014, High Sierra. It may not look it, but the frame that's blurry really impacts how you can read signs and other things. It could just be that my computer sucks, but any feedback is appreciated!

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  • Hi Michael,

    Haven't seen this before, does it render properly if you look around or if you move around? Is it always the same part of the screen?

  • Thanks for replying.

    If you move, you get a new set of blurry frames and usually the old ones disappear. The frames that are blurry depend where you are. If you look around, the same frame will remain blurry. If you zoom in, some of the frame becomes normal, but zoom back out again and it will revert to blurry.

    Again, could be my hardware, but I don't really know.
  • Do you have the same problem on Streetview? (On Google Maps)
  • Yeah, I do have the same problem on Google Maps.
  • Then it's not a problem from the game but more like from Google Maps itself. Streetview seems a lot bugged recently, with slow loading and limited movement, I bet it's related to that.

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