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For me 50/50 is not appearing when I play Country Battle in battle royale. Why ? Pls help.

As you can see in attached screenshot, 50/50 option is not appearing during gameplay when I play Country Battle in battle royale. Why ? Pls help. However, it is indicated in sidebar that I have 50/50 option. I have tried this in multiple browsers. Please enable 50/50 option as you have disabled it for me.


  • It looks like there is no room on the screen to make it appear in the top left corner.

    Can you try changing the zoom and see if it appears?

    To change the zoom on a website, press and hold CTRL and use the mouse scrollwheel. If you don't have a mouse or a scrollwheel you can click the browser setting button on the top right of your screen and change the zoom here. Lower the zoom and see if the button appears.
  • Tried zooming - it still doesnt show up.

    Tried multiple browers - it still doesnt show up.

    Did complete delete of cache - it still doesnt show up.
  • I have lost it recently too, I assumed it was due to going up in skill level.
  • Error is not occuring now.

    50/50 option appears during gameplay.

    Thanks Geoguessr Team.
  • Same problem here - no 50/50 function in battle Royal
  • Hi,

    We are looking into this issue. In the meantime, you can send an email to with the URL to the BR-game along with the email or User-ID to the account and I will relay this on to the team.


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