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Flags not clickable anymore + popular maps list & search broken

Hi, two problems that appeared recently:
• Flag icons are not clickable anymore on result screen (to open the location on Google Maps). This is since OpenStreetMap replaced Google Maps here.
• Popular map list and the search system are both broken, no results are found. This happened today so maybe it's a temporary issue?

Happy bug fixing!


  • Hi Mapper,

    thanks for the heads up on the search issue, managed to fix it pretty quickly.
    The flag icons where intentionally to try out that solution, if we stick with it we'll add more features in the future.

  • What's the issue with the flags? It's only a link generated from the location coordinates, there is no API usage AFAIK (except if Google tracks the source when someone clicks a Maps link but I never saw that ever).

    Also there is a very annoying problem when we guess, the result screen can't be zoomed in or out, it keeps changing the zoom level to the one calculated using the player guess location and the good location. It only happens on round result, not the final result screen.
  • Hi Mapper,

    I've added the links to the result page and fixed the zoom bug. We will roll it out as soon as possible!

    thanks and have a great day!

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