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Fix the compass

I have been unable to figure out which end of the compass is north and which is south. It needs a marker. I find N/S orientation very useful in figuring out my location.


  • Hi Bob,

    Thanks for playing and providing us with feedback! We've had quite a few suggestions regarding the compass and adjusted it a couple of times. We'll definitely consider adding some kind of marker or N/S orientation. Thanks again for helping us improve the game!


  • Answer the bloody question - is red north or south?

  • Hi Julia (and Bob),

    Sorry about that, red is north (same as google maps). Hope that helps!
    Thanks for playing.


  • I don’t remember if it’s different on the desktop version, but on the iPhone app, red is NOT north.  Instead of aiming due north at all times, the red arrow turns to point in the direction you’re facing (for example, if the red arrow is pointing to the right, you are facing east, whereas on a real compass you would be facing west).  I do like how it works in the app, but it took me a while to figure out why my compass readings were so off at first.
  • KC’s comment is accurate for the iPad / iPhone app still. I cannot use the compass there.

    When I face north, the red compass dial points north. OK.
    When I turn east, the red compass dial points east. This is the opposite of what a compass does. When I turn east (clockwise), the needle will keep pointing to the north (counterclockwise) and end up in the west.

    I understand that it is easy to have an arrow pointing at the direction you’re facing, but if you make it look like a compass, then make it function as one. It keeps confusing me greatly.

    To make it intelligible, replace the compass needle with an arrow or a view cone.

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