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First impression is everything... The home page and suggested maps could really use an update

In my time of watching countless hours of twitch streams, I've found that many new players get pigeonholed into only playing the maps that appear on the main page of GeoGuessr.  The obvious choice of map for many is Famous Places, as it's 'Official' and the second recommended map after World.  As a first impression, I don't think Famous Places does GeoGuessr justice.  Most players express frustration in playing it, as they get stuck in photospheres and cycle through the same locations, getting constant repeats and black screens.  In my opinion, this can easily be fixed by only including official coverage and increasing the number of locations in the Famous Places map.

The maps present on the main page of GeoGuessr could also be tweaked for the better.  Under the Official Maps tab there is currently World, Famous Places, and United States; perhaps adding a Europe map or the rest of the world's continents could prove to be worthwhile.  Under Popular maps there's European stadiums, "Famous PLaces all over the world", a map with 5 locations of which many overlap with Famous Places, and US Cities.  Finally, there is the New Maps tab, which I don't think belongs on the front page, as most new maps are location-specific and lack any sort of playability.  Players who are not interested in United States maps are left without many options on the front page, and I think this is a major deterrent for new players of GeoGuessr.  Improvements could be to expand the the Official and Popular sections to include more maps, hand select user-created maps that show off the game well to put on the front page, and have the Popular tab be sorted by month.  There are way too many great maps that are vastly underplayed, while maps like "Famous PLaces all over the world" get played over 700000 times.

The following are some exceptional maps (and mapmakers) that deserve recognition and would fit well on the front page

Mapper's A Diverse World

Simi's United States (no blurry)

PizzaGuy's World Landmarks

wolftrekker's World Cities

Though I don't expect any significant changes to be made, at the very least revamping the Famous Places map would do GeoGuessr wonders.


  • As a follow up:

    I love the idea of Daily Challenges, I think it'll be a great addition to the game.  Though, I think this first example further proves my point: having 3 North American locations (one off street, one on a remote dirt road) and 1 Russian location will surely dissuade people from playing.  I think daily challenges are a great idea, though they should maybe be checked for diversity before being finalized.
  • Hi Cyndi,

    Thanks for the suggestions! As you may have noticed we've updated the logged in start page and added some awesome user maps there.

    Please let me know if you have any other suggestions for great maps that we should highlight!

  • To the administrator, You always provide in-depth analysis and understanding.
    Heidi Beall

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