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Final Total Points do not add up correctly?

Love the game and love the feel of the new version. I like the new map; I just think it will take me a minute to get used to.

It seems the final point totals don't add up correctly. Once it said I had zero points, and once was 1000 points. I scored much higher than that 😉

Thanks for making a super fun game even better!

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  • Hi Elisa. Thanks for the positive feedback. Regarding the total points mismatch, we'll have a look and run some test cases. If it happens again, it would really help us if you could send us the exact score you got together with a time when it happened.

    Thanks for trying the beta!

  • I've also found this problem. I scored 20,876 all up (adding my scores manually) but the final score was 3000-and-something. At first I thought it might have been averaging my scores, but that couldn't be right, because the average should have been >4100.
    The final score displayed might have been the 3834 from my third round, but I accidentally closed the tab and can't check.
    Testing a second time, I got a total of 0 despite my actual total being 21240.

  • Thanks for sharing the issue with us Ben. We'll have a look to try and determine what might be the problem. Thank you for playing and keep us posted if it were to happen again!

  • Jag tycker det är ett ganska vanligt problem så jag hoppas att någon kan hjälpa mig att lösa detta fel . det ser ut som om jag upplever någon svårigheter med att skriva inlägg . Kan någon hjälpa mig ? . kontakt via min blogg <>/ url] ELLER bara skriva mig ett PM 😀

  • Hey GiannaEt, we didn't catch the URL there unfortunately. We're super interested in knowing more about the issues you encounter. Please send a direct message on twitter to @geoguessr.



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