Feedback - Quiz mode

Just a quick feedback regarding the quiz mode. I really enjoy it.
But it could be interesting to adapt the number of points allocated :

-On the questions(one question could be worth 5000 points andanother 1000 points). Basically the host could set this up.

-But also on the locations. For example we could choose the scale for each location. If we put only locations in a single city it is not logical that we make 4.999 points at 500m of the correct location.
It is like if playing in "diverse world" and "London" maps would give you the same points if you are 1km far from the correct location. However it is not the case, one will give you like 4990 points and the other one 2000 because this is proportional to the size of the map.
Hope you can implement this in quiz mode too.

Sorry if it is not clear.

Thanks !


  • Thanks. We have experienced this as well so we have it on the feedback list of things to look further into 🙂
  • for the Flag Quizzes, the small preview flags on the map (once you selected a country) should be deactivated, as you can basically get everything correct by pre-selecting several countries and check the small flag 😀
  • Yepp we are aware of it, we decreased the timing for the quiz and added some hard ones. But will sort it for the future when we have flags 👍
  • ciao vorrei segnalare un errore in una risposta, nella sezione coppa del mondo... alla domanda "chi ha vinto il pallone d'oro nel 2002?" la risposta è Ronaldo e non Oliver Kahn

    Ivan Bernari
  • It's not ballon d'or or golden boot, it's the golden ball we're referring to Ivan 😀 It's the MVP of the tourney which went to Kahn

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