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Feedback on my feedback please!

I've played the free version and now I've subscribed. I always prefer the World map but I'm perplexed about the quality. The locations seem not to change very much over the past two years - there are glitchy locations where you're stuck in a snowy courtyard in Russia, where the map doesn't change to the next location so you have to guess, a real stab in the dark. The world map doesn't open up big enough for slightly sight impaired users - which is most of anyone over 43. I thought that by subscribing, I'd get a better quality round of World Map locations but I'm not. I've got repeats, it's a shame because it's Geoguessr is a good idea. What can you tell me about the World Map options, are they going to be updated, spread out more, less duplicated??? Your responses will be appreciated. Cheers, Jenny
Jenny Bluefields


  • World map is not good and not updated, so that's why I made this map:

    It has less locations as it takes lot of time to place locations one by one but with more than 14000 spots it's already enough to play for months with a low risk of repeats. It also gives way more variety, more countries and no "broken locations" (like the photospheres uploaded by users where you can't move, or very low quality pictures you usually get in USA or Australia).

    You may have some photospheres though as the way Google Maps works is very weird, it tends to prioritize photospheres and when someone upload one exactly where I did place a spot it will be selected...Or you may just get black screens, because Google is not really reliable and randomly removes data and we can't do anything about that. All the maps are affected by those problems anyways, even official maps.
  • Thanks for the heads up, Mapper.

    Jenny Bluefields

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