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Feedback Battle Royale


Battle Royale is a great format.
I would still have a few suggestions for improvement:

1.) Speed up first round significantly when people seem to be AFK. I would just start with the second round ("10 people are playing, but only 9 can make it"), then there is already pressure to hurry up at the beginning and you only have to wait for 9 players.

2.) Have the map still displayed after the Guess to see the exact location und that you can orientate yourself while waiting and get to know the landscape better.

3.) Activate "Game Breakdown" view at the very end to have a look at the locations in time.

4.) In the user profile, show the number of Battle Royale games played (in "Quick Play" mode) as well as the percentage of rounds won. If applicable, as well as how often you were in the Top2 (i.e. rank 1+2) and the Top3 (rank 1+2+3) in percentage terms.



  • Not sure about suggestion #1 but I'd definitely like a game breakdown (#3) at the end. #2 would also be nice. May also resolve #1.

    And I'd also like some kind of stats and/or global ranking for battle royale.
  • Thanks for the feedback!

    We have gotten similar from some others as well, and I will relay this on to the rest of the team.

  • shit game, my wifi is good asf but this shit game takes forever to move, always blurry and shit locations

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