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Feature request: Always show friends highscore instead of global ones

I'm so sick and tired of always being shown all these cheaters on top of the highscores. Daily challenge is especially bad (at this moment the same muppet has won three days in a row with 3m, 0m and 0m), but the explorer maps don't look that much better.

I've reported a couple of those players, but none of them have been removed from the highscores and continue to create new ridiculous wins in the daily challenge, so GeoGuessr is obviously not giving an eff about it.

That being said, feature request: Can we please get a setting to show the results of our friends by default? Thank you.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    We are going through these on a daily basis but we will continue working on this so it will be reduced in the future! 😀

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