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Far far far from random country streaks

Having bought a Pro account (because I enjoy the game and nothing in this world is free), I just broke off my 60 country streak to show what I have been going through:

I am CONSTANTLY being tossed into the Slavic countries. And Uruguay... and Bhutan... at an incredibly high rate compared to how much of the world (and streetview) there is.

I must admit it has killed all joy in the Country Streak mode, since it's always the same. Dropped off on some dirt road in the Eastern Bloc.
The same thing happened on the previous streaks had going, before I, out of frustration, just ended the streaks.

Is this just how it is? or what's going on?




  • idk bro

  • Agreed
  • Yeah same here. I get Slovakia and Bolivia so damn much on country streaks that now when I get a European country I don't recognise I just guess Slovakia and it's right like 75% of the time
  • Former communist countries do seem to be over-represented and Argentina and Dubai. I got dumped in a mosque in dubai, didn't seem to be an exit.
  • Agree. it's like at least two out of three countries are in east europe, and the other one is middle of nowhere road.
    the world is so big how come it's always the same places?

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